Valkyrie System for the 65th Brigade

The 65th brigade finished training a team of pilots who can fly these beautiful and powerful “birds”. Now they are ready to receive these warrier birds to get Ukraine closer to victory. Sadly the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has very limited funding for drones, and American military funding doesn’t cover drones, it’s mainly used for the ammunition and weapon systems produced in the US. Ukrainian units have to do their own fundraising and look for private donors to help them finance these unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Ukrainian UAV “Valkyria” has successfully destroyed many Russian ammunition warehouses since the beginning of the full scale invasion. 65th brigade can do really good work with such drone. The drone has high load performance and can fly long distances :

  • 10 kg per 20 km;
  • 20 kg per 15 km;
  • 30 kg per 2 km.

With the help of a special cargo drop system, the drone can accurately and precisely deliver the cargo, in particular, to destroy enemy targets or deliver aid, for example. In addition, the Ukrainian drone has several functional layers that ensure safety during transportation.

The operator can change the route at any time after launching the drone, and if it happened that it was outside the network area, then the UAV system will ensure that all programmed processes are performed automatically.

In addition, the Valkyrie is equipped with a powerful battery system that is easy to maintain in all weather conditions. If there is not enough time to charge the drone to a sufficient level, then you can just replace the used batteries with charged ones. And the drone will quickly be ready to deliver cargo on a new route.

You can get Ukraine closer to victory and become a part of the exclusive Valkyrie volunteer team. Private drone footage will be shared with all donors.