Ukraine Tourism & Travel Presentation (12/16/2018)

When: December 16th, 2018 at 2pm
Where: House of Ukraine 667 Pan American Rd W, San Diego, California 92101

Everything you need to know about travel in Ukraine!
Do you know how much Ukraine has changed for travel in the last 10 years? Come and find out!

Ukraine is an undiscovered gem of a country, but for that reason, to many it is still a mystery!
Let us answer all those niggling questions – What are the hotels like? How good are the roads? What can I eat there? Is it safe to travel to?

* Travel Enthusiast and founder of Cobblestone Freeway Tours, Vincent Rees, will present a slideshow and video, which will give you a glimpse into the beautiful country modern-day Ukraine has become, and will answer these questions and more!

Here are some FAQ’s to get us started:
Why travel now?
Ukraine is on the cusp of becoming the next HOT travel destination in Europe, and prices are only going to go rise! Visit now while prices are still low!
What about finding my Family?
We can help! Every year we assist hundreds of people research their family history, and even visit the villages their ancestors left behind.
So how about those hotels?
Today all around Ukraine there is a surprising variety of hotels, in styles, sizes and prices! So we ask: what’s best for you?
What’s the food like?
Ukraine is a culinary destination in waiting! From flavourful traditional dishes, to all kinds of Western favourites, you won’t be disappointed by the food! If you have dietary concerns, you’d be surprised to find out that there is no problem catering for dietary requirements.

How do you get around?
With more flights domestic and international flights being scheduled every year, brand new high-speed train services, and freshly paved roads – Ukraine is easier to explore than ever before!

Vincent Rees has been significantly involved the development of tourism to Ukraine over the past decade, and represents Ukraine at a variety of International Travel Shows, participates in the Ukraine Association of Tourism and Hospitality, and is the owner of Cobblestone Freeway Tours and Next Stop Ukraine Travel.