Trucks for Heroes: Help Our Heroes get to and from Positions Safely

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Brave heroes of Ukraine are giving it all for the defense of liberty, democracy, and human dignity for us all, and they need our help. The future is decided on the battlefields of Ukraine.

Logistics has proven to play the decisive role on the frontlines. Often the positions of our soldiers are situated far from roads and any infrastructure. In a terrain pockmarked by shell explosions, mud and ice it is very important to have the ability to bring food, medicine and people to the positions, and when needed to have a reliable vehicle for evacuation under fire. For the effective solution of these tusks our military needs the best powerful pickup trucks with four-wheel drive capable of carrying heavy loads and fast reliable engines to be able to get in and out of positions quickly.

Please help us get two heavy duty Ford pickup trucks (F-350 or F-250, four-wheel drive, diesel) for the Third Separate Assault Brigade currently serving on the Eastern front of Ukraine. These trucks are equipped with reliable engines and can reach areas where other vehicles, including ambulances, cannot access, such as fields ravaged by craters caused by Russian artillery shelling. They are also designed with long beds to accommodate stretchers for the evacuation of the wounded and crew cabs, spacious enough to fit a unit of soldiers inside.

Where the shells explode, when enemies are near, every second on the road counts and can save a life.

Soldiers win battles, but logistics win wars.

Help us win this unjust war!

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