Tactical Rescue Medicine

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Since the beginning of the war, the House of Ukraine has been soliciting donations of various tactical medicine, such as tourniquets, blood clotting bandages, and chest seals. We have put together over 2,000 Individual First Aid Kits and got them delivered to various defenders in need, including Firefighters and Search and Rescue teams who often get overlooked and undersupplied.

Currently we are working with Ukrainian, American and other NATO Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) trainers in Ukraine, who do courses for Soldiers, Combat Medics, Combat Medical Doctors, EMS personnel, search and rescue workers and volunteers in the full scope of TCCC, including blood transfusion. We are raising money for tactical tourniquets, combat gauze, decompression needles, surgical airway and blood transfusion kits. 

This project is led by HOU member Michael, who goes back and forth to Ukraine to train and support Ukrainian Defenders in harm’s way and certify Ukrainian TCCC instructors. He is currently fundraising for specific supplies, which are urgently needed in Ukraine. He will be flying there again soon and is able to deliver many items himself.

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