Mavic 3T for Bakhmut/Soledar

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Thermal drones that allow soldiers to see what’s happening in the night on the enemy positions are essential to the safety and well-being of countless individuals both military and civilian. The Ukrainian Military of Defense is not able to supply a sufficient number of these drones to their soldiers and also is not able to easily purchase them since most are made in China. HOU has been able to source and deliver to the front lines through private distributors, but funding is our only limitation. We currently have multiple units on the Eastern Ukrainian front waiting in line and hoping to be next to receive their M3T.

For the front lines thermal Mavic drones are critical. With its advanced thermal imaging capabilities, these drones enable units to detect potential threats even at night and respond to emergency situations more quickly and effectively than ever before.

By donating to our fundraising campaign, you can play an important role in making this happen. We cannot overstate the importance of this project. Lives are at stake and every second counts. Please donate today and save lives.

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