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During the month of November, all across the world, Ukrainian communities commemorate the Holodomor of 1932-1933, the man-made famine of Ukrainians by the Soviet authorities, – one of the darkest pages of Ukraine’s history.

In 2018, US Congress recognized the Holodomor as Genocide, with language emphasizing the deliberate and premediated atrocities committed by the Soviet government against the Ukrainian nation.

By its magnitude, losses during the Holodomor surpassed those of the Ukrainian nation during the Second World War.

House of Ukraine held a number of events commemorating Holodomor – Rallies, Memorial Service, Ukrainian School Program, screening of a movie “Mr Jones”, a bold and heartfelt drama about the life and times of Gareth Jones, the Welsh journalist who risked his life and reputation to bring the truth about ensuing famine in 1930s Ukraine to the world’s attention, which was done jointly with Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice.

At our events we had those who shared personal stories of their families affected by Holodomor.

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