Help Us Survive the Winter #2 (Archived)

Since that fateful day of February 24, 2022 when russia invaded Ukraine, the House of Ukraine has worked tirelessly to ship over 150,000 pounds of humanitarian supplies, 2000+ individual first aid kits and other life-preserving supplies.

Donations over the past year have paid for vehicle purchases and repair, drones and notebooks, water purification systems, a bakery in Zaporizhzhya run by volunteers, baby and children’s supplies for orphans, housing and food for children fleeing the shelling, and Starlink subscriptions.

In addition House of Ukraine members have been helping refugees resettle in San Diego and assisting wounded civilians with their rehabilitation at local medical centers.

Today, almost one year after the invasion, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is even more critical. Russia is targeting Ukraine’s vital infrastructure and is leaving the people without heat, water, and electricity. This will be an extremely hard and frigid winter. With homes damaged or destroyed and with no sources of heat or water, tens of thousands are at risk of dying of hypothermia.

House of Ukraine’s campaign “Help us Survive the Winter” is in its second stage with a container of cold weather gear slated to leave for Ukraine at end of February. We are fundraising not only to cover the shipping cost but to purchase items in Europe and Ukraine in order to get them to Ukrainians as soon as possible:

  • $50 obtains two water filters
  • $100 buys two sleeping bags rated to -20F
  • $250 provides a family with a wood burning stove made locally
  • $940 pays for a 8.5 kWh generator

Due to the generosity of the local San Diego community, the first shipment, a 40 foot container of cold weather gear, warm blankets, generators, baby food and medical supplies is slated to be in Ukraine by the beginning of February.

House of Ukraine is a 501 c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Your donations will make a difference, your donations will save lives and will help Ukrainians survive the harsh winter.