Give A Light, Change A Life!

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There is no light in your home after sunset.
The power plants and energy stations that provide your family with light and heat have been destroyed by incessant Russian bombing of Ukrainian infrastructure.
Being in the dark, afraid, uncertain of your very next breath.
Countless families in Ukraine are now left without heat or light in their homes. Contact with families and friends, and access to news is difficult or even impossible without a way to charge a cell phone.

But there is Hope…

House of Ukraine, partnering with Sunlight Ukraine, will ship simple solar-powered lanterns to families in Ukraine. These inflatable lanterns can remain lit for 50 hours on a 14-hour solar recharge; they have a plug that can be used to charge a cellphone; they are safe.
The delivered cost of each lantern is $25.

With your Help…

With your help, we will deliver these solar-powered lanterns to families in Ukraine, giving them the life-changing gifts of light, human connection, and hope—conquering darkness with light.
Children will be able to read and do homework.
Families will be able to have contact with their loved ones and see each other at the dinner table.
With access to current information, they can be reassured and feel safe.
The lanterns can even be a night-light to provide reassurance and comfort at night.

How you can Donate…

Please contribute online on this page or by mailing a check to:
House of Ukraine, PO Box 2043, La Mesa, CA.
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

Can we Count on your Help?

House of Ukraine 667 Pan American Rd W, San Diego, CA 92101

Your donation is fully tax deductible