4×4 SUV restoration project for




Wound VACs and External Fixators for Zaporizhia Hospital

Together with Soyuz Ukrainok, PLAST, UACCNJ, PCCHF delivered most needed equipment for wounds treatment.

IFAKs for Azov

50 IFAKs were delivered for the training laboratory of Azov regiment.


New SUV for Karpatska Sich Regiment

House of Ukraine helped to purchase an SUV for Karpatska Sich regiment of the 93 Brigade.

180 brand new bulletproof wests were delivered to Ukraine

A big operation by the House of Ukraine, that included financing and logistic,  customs clearance was done with help of Hope.UA was successfully completed and 180 bulletproof vests were delivered to Ukraine.

Donation from Cathedral Catholic Dance Team

Many thanks to Cathedral Catholic High School, Cathedral Catholic Dance Team and personally Nikki Luci (Dance Team Coordinator and Coach) for Humanitarian aid donations to House of Ukraine (value close to $1700).

Thank you, United we stand!!

House of Ukraine helped to purchase a van

House of Ukraine sponsored the purchase of the van for Fr. Tymoshenko to assist the elderly and the sick with humanitarian aid.


WoundVacs at work in hospitals


WoundVacs delivered to hospitals in Ukraine

WoundVacs were purchased through and delivered to hospitals by the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America


Summary of accomplishments as of May 8th


February 24, 2022  through May 8, 2022


  • Starting on February 24, 2022 the House of Ukraine has been open every day for visitors, answering questions,  getting and giving hugs, taking monetary donations, and accepting donations of  humanitarian and military gear.
  • Three sites have been available for donations: the HOU,  4660 El Cajon Blvd, and St. Mary Orthodox Church Hall.
  • The 4660  El Cajon location has been open daily from 10 to 5 since the beginning of the war, with a team of 4 volunteers working full time and organizing the work of dozens of volunteers who have sorted, boxed, labeled, and sent out hundreds of boxes of aid.
  • Close to 1500 donors, including individuals, organizations, and hospitals, have made monetary, military, and medical donations.
  • Sharp Grossmont Hospital was the first hospital to work with the HOU, with a donation of 6 pallets of medical supplies. Thank you to Dr. Zachary Alexander.
  • 3 full uhauls with diapers, clothing, hygiene products, over-the-counter meds, and other medical supplies have been sent by ship and by plane, with a total value of over $120,000.
  • Over 400 ifaks (individual first aid kits) for front line soldiers and Territorial Defense plus 60 corpsman medical backpacks have been assembled from donated and purchased medical supplies.
  • Over 10,000 pounds of military and medical equipment has been sent out in various ways and are saving lives in Ukraine.
  • San Diegans have been incredibly generous: over $200,000  has been donated to date, with over 750 thank you letters written in response. The HOU has sent funding to The Ukrainian National Women’s League of America ($45,000)for wound vacs for military hospitals; Revived Soldiers Ukraine ($15,000) for medical aid, United Ukrainian American Relief Committee  ($15,000) for humanitarian aid.
  • A  committee  has met with five Congressional representatives to urge them to get military assistance to Ukraine and to support the Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022
  • Hundreds of soldiers and civilian defense volunteers have been outfitted with fatigues, vests, helmets, tactical gloves, boots, and items necessary for combat.
  • Almost 2000 Stand with Ukraine t-shirts and over 300 shopping bags have been printed by HOU volunteers to help raise funds.
  • La Mesa Police Department donated dozens of vests, helmets, and gas masks for use by Ukrainian  Territorial Defense volunteers.
  • HOU volunteers have assisted with Ukrainian refugees arriving in Tijuana.
  • Dozens of interviews have been given to local media outlets.
  • San Diego community members have organized fundraisers for the HOU: Dino’s Gyros,  the San Diego Sockers’ Ukrainian Night, downtown young professionals’ Sushi for Ukraine to name just a few.
  • Downtown La Mesa is lit up in blue & yellow lights thanks to Councilwoman Laura Lothian in response to a request by a HOU member.
  • 300 supporters attended a candlelight vigil on February 25. A Prayer for Peace Moleben was held on March 3.
  • The annual HOU Pysanka Festival was held on March 19;  pysanka workshops for children and adults were held on April 23.
  • The annual Shevchenko commemoration with Ridna Shkola was held on March 12.
  • Stand with  Ukraine rallies have been held every weekend since February 24 (12 to date) and will continue until Ukraine wins the war.