Shipping: Launch of HOU Grassroots Shipping

It is Day 6 of the escalated Russian War against peaceful Ukraine. San Diegans have been quick to respond with donations to help, from frontline first aid supplies to food and clothing. Meanwhile the situation in Ukraine is one of united resistance. Many citizens are ready to stand up to Russian forces, and in-need of bodily protection. Aside from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the country’s professional military troops, there is rapid voluntary enlistment in the Tereoborona, or Territorial Defense Forces. The influx of civilians ready to stop the Russian attacks on Ukraine outnumbers the equipment available to properly shield these brave people from the type of ammunition that is aimed at them. Of our donated supplies, we decided the priority would be to send military-grade protective gear. We shipped 5 bullet proof vests and 15 helmets, all delivered into Ukraine a week later.


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