100 days into war, House of Ukraine shows their support from San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The war in Ukraine has reached 100 days and during that time we’ve seen the San Diego community rally behind the war-torn nation providing donations and holding demonstrations every weekend at Balboa Park.

When it comes to House of Ukraine, they are certainly proud of what they’ve accomplished thus far. But they also tell me that the work itself is far from finished. “Striving for victory in Ukraine. We have been defending Ukraine for 100 days. Victory shall be ours. Glory to Ukraine. And standing in solidarity.”

Coming up this weekend, there’s a number of events that are actually happening right here in Balboa Park through the House of Ukraine. The first starts up at 10:00 Saturday morning, which is a Ukrainian Workshop, which you can sign up for  on the House of Ukraine website.

Then at 3:30, a number of refugees who have come to this country from Ukraine will be getting together here in Balboa Park and then at 5:00 the normal rally that we have seen every single weekend.

KUSI’s Matt Prichard was out at the House of Ukraine to talk about what’s next for organizers in San Diego.

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